September 16, 2010

Laundry Madness OH MY!

So I took advantage of the BOGO Wisk that was at CVS last week. I bought 20 Bottles and paid $30.94 and saved $144.90. The BOGO price was $ 8.59 and I had those wonderful $3.00 off coupons which made my total $1.54 per bottle. I think I can live with that...
And I have a rain check to get another 20 plus coupons coming from eBay to pair with my raincheck :D

Today I took advantage of the Publix sale on ALL

They are BOGO @ 5.99
I did this
(2) 5.99 =11.98- (4) 1.00 MQ- (4) 1.00 TQ = $3.98 + .56 in tax $4.54 total

I paid less than the price of one at the sale price including tax for all four woo hoo!!! Three free !!!

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