October 20, 2010

New Target Coupons as a Flip Clip and Save mailer

.75 off any brand 12 pk 12oz soda or 24 pk or larger water
.75 off any brand chips
.75 off any brand prepackaged cookies
1.00 off fresh meat purchase of 1.00 or more
1.00 off bagged salad
1.00 off fresh fruit
1.00 off fresh vegtables
1.00 off bakery purchase
.50 off any brand eggs
.25 off any brand cheese
1.00 off any brand refrigerated orange juice
.50 off any brand pourable salad dressing
1.00 off any brand ready to eat cereal
1.00 off any brand sandwich bread
.50 off any brand dry pasta
1.00 off any brand frozen item
.50 off any brand 5 oz or larger bagged candy or 3 pk or larger gum
1.00 off any brand packaged coffee or tea
These are all Target coupons expiring 11/29/2010

September 16, 2010

Laundry Madness OH MY!

So I took advantage of the BOGO Wisk that was at CVS last week. I bought 20 Bottles and paid $30.94 and saved $144.90. The BOGO price was $ 8.59 and I had those wonderful $3.00 off coupons which made my total $1.54 per bottle. I think I can live with that...
And I have a rain check to get another 20 plus coupons coming from eBay to pair with my raincheck :D

Today I took advantage of the Publix sale on ALL

They are BOGO @ 5.99
I did this
(2) 5.99 =11.98- (4) 1.00 MQ- (4) 1.00 TQ = $3.98 + .56 in tax $4.54 total

I paid less than the price of one at the sale price including tax for all four woo hoo!!! Three free !!!

July 15, 2010

Publix Savings This Week

Today's trip cost me $22.00 and I saved $43.63 or 66%

I bought 4 Juicy Juices BOGO @3.39
-2 Free Product coupons
-2.00 off 4 MQ
-1.00 Publix baby Club Coupon= 3.00 Overage
Domino Sugar Canister $3.49 no coupon
2 Hershey Bliss Bogo @ 4.29- 1.00 MQ =3.29
1 Sudzing buddy - free product coupon from baby club -1.09
Eggs- no coupon 1.49
8 Hershey's Syrup bogo total @8.68- B2G1F of 6.51 =2.17
2 Dasani Waters @ 7.98

July 10, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA for a while, my mom had brain surgery and it caused the hiatus. I hope to be back soon!

May 11, 2010

Coupon books ConAgra and P&G year of Savings

Year of Savings
There are three sections March-July all coupons expire 7-31-2010, August-October expire 10-31-2010 and November-January which expire 1-31-2011
$1.00/2 Old Spice APDO or Body Wash
$1.00 Downy
$1.00 Bounty Towel OR Napkin
.25 on 3 single Puffs or one 3 pack
.75 on 1 Oral B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage or Two Indicators
$1.00 Scope
.25 Glide Floss
.25 Fixodent
$1.50 Vicks
$1.00 Pepto Bismol
$2.00 Metamucil capsules
$2.00 Metamucil Clear and Naturals
$1.00 Clearblue easy
$5.00 Olay Regenerist FM/FC
$1.00 Covergirl
B1G1 Free Old Spice Body Spray
$3.00 PUR
August- October
Everything repeats except now there is a $3.00 off Clearblue Ovulation Test, and there are 3 B1G1 Old Spice Coupons, body wash, deodorant and spray
November-January all repeats but 4 B1G1F Old Spice and $1.50 off a Bounce Dryer bar, $1.00 off Charmin and $1.00 of Febreeze.
$1.00 off 2 Boneless Chicken
$1.00 off 2 Healthy Choice Steamers
$1.00 off 2 Healthy Choice All natural Entrees
$1.00/2 Marie Callendars Dinners
$1.00/2 Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente
$1.00/2 Kid Cuisine
$1.00/4 Chef Boyardee
$1.00 Healthy Choice Mixers
$1.00 Marie Callenders home Style Creations
$1.00/2 Hunts Ketchups
.50 Gulden's Mustard
$1.00/3 Hunts Pasta Sauce
$1.00/ 4 Manwich
$1.00/2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter
$1.00/ 4 Van Camps Beans
.50/2 Van Camps Baked Beans
$1.00 Egg Beaters
$1.00/ Hebrew National Franks
$1.00/2 Parkay sticks
$1.00 Reddi Whip
$1.00/3 Snack Pack
1.00/3 Crunch n Munch
$1.00/2 Jiffy Pop
$1.00/2 David's SunFlower Seeds
$1.00 Orville Reddenbocker Popcorn
$1.00 Slim Jim

May 10, 2010

.68 @ CVS

I bought 2 packs of Cottonelle which is on sale for $4.99 my total came to $10.68 minus $10 extra bucks...the cashier figured I was paying .001 cent for all that toilet paper.

April 25, 2010

Target Trip 4/25

Yes I am a diaper fiend, as my posts may show...but I have a 20 month old that goes through A LOT so the cheaper the better. This is my savings for today's trip to Target. I Plan on going to CVS later on to get a couple more packs of diapers :)

3- Scrubbing Bubbles @ $7.47 - $1.50 = $5.97- 5.00 Target GC when you buy 3 =.97
1-Windex Outdoor Starter @ $12.99- $3.00 TC-$5.00 MQ=$4.99-5.00 GC when you buy the starter = .01 MM
3- Packs of Pampers/Easy Ups @ $26.97-$2.00 TQ-$5.00=$19.97 - 5.00 GC when you buy 3 $14.97 for all 3. ( This would have been cheaper but I only bought one paper when the $2.00 Target Coupon was in :( )
2- Johnson Bath Buddies @$1.94 - 2.00 MQ=.06 MM
-3.43 because I had 10% Target Rewards :)
Saved 42% this trip... not as high as I would like to be but diapers are pricey :)
I'll be getting the MM ones from CVS in a bit.

April 23, 2010

CVS Diaper Deal

Pampers $21.99-3.00 CVS Coupon-2.00=$16.99-5.00 ECB = 11.99 for a big box of diapers
Print the $3.00 CVS coupon located at http://www.parents-digital.com/parents/201005?pg=97&search_term=pampers%2520AND%2520CVS#pg97

Use a 2.00 off one Pampers x 4/30
or $1.50 that have various expiration dates.

*This is actually what I did
I bought 1 Box of 52 Pampers Diapers for $21.99-$10.00 MQ ( I complained about previous Pampers)-$3.00 from the printable CVS coupon-5.00 ECB for next time. = 3.99 for the big box of diapers I actually spent $8.99 for diapers before ECB

I did this twice. 60% on diapers :) or after ECB 66% not bad. Oh and in one of the boxes was a FREE Venus Razor... ($7.99 Value)

Next weeks deal will be good also on sale for $8.49 again

I will do this :
$8.49-5.00ECB-3.00 CVS Coupon-2.00 MQ =-1.51 MM or if you have the $1.50 MQ it will be a $1.01 MM

April 20, 2010

Target Finds

Infants Tylenol $3.94- $1.00 off any Tylenol product from the Tylenol website= $2.94 for Tylenol I think yes! :) (7.89 Regular Price)
Zone Perfect .48-.55=.07 Money Maker
SoyJoy .48 B2G1 Free Coupon (my store only had 1 so I could not use this)
EAS Myoplex .88-$3.89 EAS bar from the EAS website (another Money Maker) $3.01
or $1.00 any EAS expires 4/25/2010 a .12 MM

oh how I love couponing!

April 19, 2010

Big Savings

Thanks to Iheartpublix I got alot of great deals this week.

4 Windex @ 3.29 BOGO = 6.78-$6.00(4.00 in MQ, 1.00 PQ and 1.00 TQ as a competitor)=.78
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel 3.99-1.00 PQ= 2.99
Scrubbing Bubbles Brush Kit 5.99-5.99 MQ and 1.00 PQ= 1.00 MoneyMaker
3 Finish Starter Kits @4.99 =14.97-9.00 PQ and 9.00 MQ=3.03 MoneyMaker
2 Disposer Care 5.00-1.10 MQ=3.90
2 Ziplock @2.09 =4.18-2.09B1G1 and 1.00PQ=1.09
3-Bubble Mailers @.69 each to offset overage =2.07
1 Publix Reusable Bag @.99
2 20oz Mt.dew @1.39=2.78 another thing to help overage
Total out of pocket 12.85 total saved 56.94 or 81%

I know I shouldn't do this but I try to add extra items as to not have a manager override, hence me buying more than I should. I would rather get a few extra things and not have to hold anyone up in line.

April 18, 2010

Most of your money for SC Johnson Rebate

These are the three scenarios that I have seen work the best for having to pay little out of pocket or make a little money plus the rebate

Buy 3 Travel Size Shout wipes .97 @ Target or $2.91 total
use 3 .55 off any Shout found in the 4-11 Smart Source or $1.65
This makes the wipes .42($1.26 OOP) and you submit for your $5.00 rebate
$3.74 money maker. If you have $5.00 gift cards from previous deals you can do this twice or three times and pay nothing out of pocket! Then you are making the whole $5.00 rebate

Buy (4) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner 22oz can BOGO $3.29 ea
-Use (2) $2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles There's Value in the Family Publix coupon booklet
-Use (4) $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles SS 3/21
=$1.42 MONEYMAKER + $5 rebate check

Buy (3) Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer $7.99 ea
-Use (3) $5/1 starter kit SS 4/11
-Use (3) $3/1 One Stop, One Store Publix coupon booklet
=FREE + $5 rebate check

If you can't find the coupons check out My Coupon Hunter or ebay for great deals on those hard to find coupons.

April 17, 2010

Publix Shopping Trip

I had some MQ that were expiring for wipes so I did this scenerio

2 boxes of Huggies Wipes @9.99 each or 19.98 total
-5.00 Save a lot coupon
-(2).50 MQ or 1.00
-(2)1.50 PQ or 3.00
total spent 12.38 Saved 9.00 or 45%
In my terms I got a box of wipes for .99. Works for me!

Target Trip 4/17

I had to take advantage of the $2.99 Razors plus gift card before it expired.

Transaction #1
2- Fusion Razors @6.99 each- 2 $4.00 coupons =13.98-8.00=5.98
2- Benadryl Sticks @2.29 each or $4.58 total -5.00 off two Benadryl products= .42 Money Maker!
1 Water Bottle from the Dollar Spot for my little shopper!
-.05 for using a reusable bag
OOP spent 7.21 Savings of 20.95 or 74%

I would have saved an additional 10% because of Target Rewards but I have to make a payment first on my Target Card :)

Transaction #2
2 Fusion Razors @6.99 each (13.98)-8.00=5.98
-5.00 Gift Card from Transaction #1 and -.05 for my reusable bag
$1.56 OOP This also would have been cheaper with my 10% but there is always next time:)
With Savings of 15.95 or 91%

1 AM CVS trip

3 Rolls of CVS paper towels $1.29 each (3.87) -(3) 1.00 off paper products = .87
1 package of Easy Ups @ $8.49- $6.00 in Extra Bucks -$1.50 MQ =.99 FOR DIAPERS!!!
3 Rolls of CVS brand Toilet paper 2/$1.00 - 1.00 off paper products= .50
Total spent OOP $ 2.65 for $19.12 of products or a savings of 85%
Total spent OOP $ 2.15 for $18.62 of products or a savings of 88%

* I am taking back the extra roll of TP and I have to go back because I was charged sales tax twice on my receipt.

April 16, 2010

Publix Shopping Trip

I saved 55% on this weeks trip to Publix, my great deals were the Glade candles which were BOGO and I used the $1.00/2 PC and $1.25 TQ and then submitted my first SC Johnson Rebate. I also scored good deals on the Peter Pan Peanut Butter. I will list more later, as my vacation is coming to a close and I have coupons spread from my computer room to Timbuktu!

Free Movie Ticket

If you are a member of Tropicana Rewards they are offering a BOGO Movie Ticket offer for 2 points. wwww.tropicanarewards.com

April 15, 2010

.22 Degree at Publix

Print $3/2 from http://www.dontfretthesweat.com/coupons and then use 2 .55 coupons from Publix Personal Concierge score a great deal!

Earth Day Deal

Kelloggs is giving away a free reusable tote with 2 UPC's and $1.75 shipping.There is a limit of 5 per household and their are 3 bags to choose from :Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam and Dig 'Em. I know I'm a reusable bag junkie so I will be getting mine! Go here to order http://www.kelloggs.com/promotions/earthday/

April 13, 2010

Pampers at CVS

I stopped by CVS on my way home tonight because I had rain checks burning a hole in my pocket, and since I had some extra cash decided to get diapers... Back on topic... Pampers are $8.49. They are not offering extra bucks with this deal, but if you have some extra $/$$ coupons, this will make a great deal on top of a manufacturers coupon. I bought three packs for $14.20 after extra bucks and coupons that I had :D

Here it goes!

So after doing two back to back couponing classes, I decided to start blogging on the things that I find to be the best deals of the week and also add to the things I may have missed during my talks.

I recommend signing up for the following sites:


All of these sites allow you to try out products before they hit the stores! They also send out valuable coupons.

Ebay is a great place to get coupons if you can't find it, you can also use a coupon clipping service, such as Coupon Hunter. But if you are in my mommies group I'm sure we will have enough to swap :D

Rebates: I will try and find you the best scenarios for rebates when they come available.

Thanks for coming by...and check back for links and other things that I have found useful!